CD Projekt Red Might Announce New 'Cyberpunk 2077' Details At E3 2018


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Rumors abound that CD Projekt Red attending the E3 2018 in June will lead to the official announcement of “Cyberpunk 2077.” The Polish game developer confirmed it’s on the list of participating companies at the expo. 
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Will there be fresh revelations on Cyberpunk 2077 following the confirmation that the developer of the game, CD Projekt Red, will take part at the E3 2018 in June?

When the E3 2018 kicks off on June 12, the Polish game studio will be in attendance as confirmed by the company last week. Unsurprisingly, rumors started flying that as CD Projekt Red is listed as one the participating companies at E3, its presence could lead to a big announcement, possibly involving juicy details about Cyberpunk 2077.

CD Projekt Red E3 2018 Attendance Confirmed

However, the latest word from the company gave no hint on anything about the upcoming game. At best, CD Projekt Red merely affirmed that it will be in Los Angeles in a few months’ time but choose not to drop any teaser on Cyberpunk 2077.

“Yes, we’re on the list … But there is no additional comment on that from us,” the game studio said in a statement.

To be fair, CD Projekt Red heading to L.A. for the 2018 Edition of E3 doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring the good news that gaming fans have been waiting for. It’s safe to assume, though, that the company will brief its business partners on developments involving its ongoing projects. If Cyberpunk 2077 will be part of the presentation, it will remain a mystery until the actual E3 event.

Latest ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Update

As RPG fans know by now, Cyberpunk 2077 will be the next serving of the same kind from CD Projekt Red. Since the game’s official trailer debuted in January 2013, concrete details on the project have been mostly scarce, but there were suggestions the title will include bits of virtual reality or VR elements.

It could be that the game will be playable in first-person or third-person perspective, which remains iffy, but the game setting is nearly written in stone. It will be on a giant and futuristic metropolis called Night City that serves as the melting pot of individuals from different nations.

Speculations are rife as well that a new trailer for the game will be pushed out by CD Projekt Red real soon. Thus, the chance is high it will be among the surprises that the company plans to unpack in early June. If the preview will indeed come out, reports said the teaser will offer a glimpse of “how much death” the game will contain.

The release date of Cyberpunk 2077 is rumored to happen not later than next year but CD Projekt Red has offered no confirmation on this yet. The studio, however, has indicated that the game release will be a multi-platform, meaning PC, PS4, and Xbox One gamers will get a taste of the RPG title.

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