Windows 11 hits the Release Preview insider channel as the official release draws near


This morning, Microsoft released a near-final version of Windows 11 to Windows Insiders on the Release Preview channel This channel (as the name suggests) is usually the final destination for a major new Windows version before the release date on the market. The official date of release of Windows 11 is October 5 however, Microsoft plans to release it gradually over the next few months to avoid widespread issues.

The build number for the Release Preview channel is 22000.194 The same version was made available to the Beta channel on the 16th of September.

While the Beta- and Dev-channel versions that are part of Windows 11 are simply downloaded and installed just like the regular Windows Updates, the version of the release Preview channel will provide you with the same upgrade notification that is offered to the general public when Microsoft provides its Windows 11 upgrade for their PCs.

 It includes a system-wide notification that users can click to get more information about Windows 11's latest features and an update notification within Windows Update that will give you the option of avoiding the Windows 11 upgrade and stay with Windows 10.

Windows 10 can run on nearly any device that runs Windows 7 or Windows 8 However, Windows 11 comes with stringent new processors and security hardware specifications which severely restrict its compatibility. 

The most significant is the requirement for CPUs that generally requires the use of an eighth-generation Intel Core processor (introduced in the latter part of 2017) or greater or 2nd generation AMD Ryzen processor (introduced in the middle of 2018) or the latest. 

There are a small number of exemptions for older processors such as Microsoft's Surface Studio desktop--Microsoft has the complete listing of Intel as well as AMD processors on its website for documentation.

If your computer is capable of running Windows 11, Windows 11 includes a new user interface that was saved from Microsoft's failing "Windows 10X" project. 

The new design overhauls your taskbar Start menu the system tray, Settings app as well as Windows Explorer, as well as right-click menus and built-in applications throughout the OS. The update also includes gaming options and upgrades for Windows Subsystem for Linux. Windows Subsystem for Linux, although some of these features are being ported for Windows 10.

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