Apple has stated that third-party applications need to be updated to fully benefit from the display on the iPhone 13 Pro's


It's possible that you don't have to be concerned about apps that aren't able to make use of this 120Hz rate of refresh on the iPhone 13 Pro family. According to iMore reports, Apple has posted a developer's article that reveals that iPhone applications will have to unlock 120Hz support by adding a code to a .plist file. 

Additionally, there's a bug that limits the speed of some Core Animation-based applications, but Apple announced that a fix would be due in the next iOS 15 updates.

iPad Pro doesn't require any code updates. iPad Pro doesn't require code updates to make the most of its 120Hz display, but it could be due to its bigger battery. Smartphones are more likely to suffer the brunt of battery life damage from screens that refresh at high speeds.

The information suggests that it's a repeat of the event in the past when Apple launched the iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone X as well as other phones that had major leaps in technology for display It took some time to allow Apple and other developers to make the most of the new displays. 

The iPhone 13 Pro's 120Hz display should be able to reach its maximum potential, though there could be several weeks or even months when it's not being used.

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