Facebook executives discuss VR prototype hardware using new images

Image Source : Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook virtual reality chief and soon-to be CTO Andrew Bosworth (or "Boz") are testing virtual reality prototype (or AR) technology and are eager to showcase it.

Both executives have posted photos of themselves wearing headsets prototypes and comparing the headsets to Facebook's metaverse work.

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The headsets that the two are wearing aren't in any way certain to turn into actual merchandise, it's an interesting glimpse into what's happening in Facebook's VR lab.

The headset Zuckerberg wears is like that of the firm's Oculus headsets. However, he refers to the headset as "retina resolution", a reference to Apple's term for screens that have so much pixel density it's impossible to discern individual pixels in a normal operating range.

The headset Boz wears has a unique design , and to be honest, nearly exactly like the drawings and descriptions of Apple's believed to be VR headset. 

In addition to Zuckerberg's vague "retina" statement, there's almost no specifics on the kind of headsets they are, or what they're capable of or whether they're just prototypes of design.

It's probably reasonable considering that this isn't a announcement of a product from Facebook. The company has launched an innovative pair of (and non-screen) Ray Bans, which was described as a step on the direction "towards full-on Augmented Reality glasses.

The Facebook virtual reality lab offers a number of prototypes that will never make it into the market. 

It includes the horrifying eye-projection device and the research-oriented Aria AR glasses, and the proof-of-concept set VR glasses.

Instead of hawking headsets Boz and Zuckerberg seem to sell their metaverse concept as it is a virtual reality that could become the next evolution of the web.

If you're looking to take an in-depth look at what it actually means, read my colleagues' fantastic explanation.

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