I'm not putting off buying an iPhone 13 until Black Friday here's why you should not either


It was once considered a bit snarky to recommend buying that brand fresh iPhone at the end of October.

 It's, after all an entire month before Black Friday iPhone deals land and give you the best chance to grab an affordable deal.

Back-order delays, delivery delays and other stock issues However, they have been a problem for the new flagships ' the time of their launch. 

This has me wondering - is it worthwhile to wait till Black Friday to get an iPhone 13?

It seems that the iPhone 13 family has had many amazing offers in the past, and those backorder queues are increasing in length with no sign of slowing down. 

Perhaps you'd prefer to take the risk of having to endure a long waiting period until you can finally receive the latest upgrade.

Particularly when a number of recent reports suggest that Apple is beginning to feel the strain of the world's chip shortage.

There's no way to hide the fact that this is negative news if you do not have the iPhone 13 yet.

Deals on mobile phones in general are usually centered around launches (like the one this week's Google Pixel 6 deals) and large sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday aside from the occasional sale or two that are offered by such companies as Amazon as well as Best Buy.

It was once the norm, particularly with iPhones that timing your upgrade during the launch time and/or Black Friday would be your best option for getting an affordable price. 

Actually I believe this will continue to be the case when things get back to normal. But, some market trends and reports have me thinking that this season's Black Friday iPhone deals may be affected or, at the very least, less available.

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