Install the latest security updates for your iPhone immediately

If you are aware that there aren't many new features to be found, it's all too easy to disregard updates to software instead of doing something other.

We're here to ask you to download the latest update, but the most recent version of software by Apple is required to safeguard you and your iPhone or iPad.

Apple announced iOS 15.0.2 as well as iPad iOS 15.0.2 to devices that support iPhones as well as iPads October 11. Initially, the update seemed to be an update to the appearance of the device.

For all we know the fact that no major update comes with an "0.2" add-on. Such the low amount indicates that the update is intended to address minor issues which may or might not have been disclosed to users since the previous update.

Then, Apple later confirmed that this update was more significant than its name might lead you to be led to.

Although no new emojis have been discovered and we don't expect to see SharePlay being delayed until the launch of iOS 15.0.2. 15.0.2 offers a vital security update that is available for iPhones and tablets.

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