The iPhone 13 is one of the best but I am excited about Google Pixel 6

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Apple's eagerly anticipated iPhone 13 event has come and gone, unveiling the 2021 phone line of the company which came with specifications and plenty of rewards.

A better display? Yes.

better cameras? Yes.

Do you have a long battery life? It's here. Trade-in to get "Free" iPhone 13? Get me signed up today. Really I'm not going to update my phone every few years. And those carrier offers come with lots of caveats.

It was a quiet year for Apple at least with regard to its iPhone 13 lineup.

That tiny notch is hilarious, but , haven't you seen the powerful videos you can create using Cinematic Mode? I love those features and I'm not able to say I didn't feel a tingle on my skin as I watched the feature in motion.

However, aside from the normal enhancements to things like the processor , and the features I have mentioned earlier however, there were plenty of things that remained unchanged, for instance, the general design and dimensions for instance.

While I always look at Apple's new iPhone annually, I'm even more excited than I am regarding Pixel 6. Pixel 6 coming out this year. And I've been a content iPhone user for a long time and this one isn't a complete surprise.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are a snoozer and are a major leap ahead for Google regarding performance, design, and features.

The Pixel event won't be announced until the 19th of October however, thanks to a myriad of teasers from Google as well as a myriad of rumours and leaks that are credible the only thing left is the imagination.

In addition prior to the launch, Google put up a prototype of the Pixel 6 at its new brick-and-mortar shop at New York -- and it certainly makes a statement.

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