Internet is down for millions of users tech companies panic as the most important encryption service ends.


The end of a key electronic encryption system on the Thursday has sent major tech companies across the nation in a frenzy to fix the internet downtime which affected millions of online users.

Tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco along with numerous smaller tech companies, were fighting with an innumerable range of issues at the time the clock went off.

The issues were caused by the expiration of an extremely popular digital certificate that secures and encrypts the connection between computers and sites that are accessible via the web.

It is given through Let's Encrypt, the largest issuer of these certificates worldwide.

About 2 million people have seen an error notification on their smartphones, computers, or smart devices in the last 24 hours, describing certain internet connectivity issues caused by the issue of certificates According to Scott Helme, an internet security researcher, and an internationally renowned cybersecurity expert.

There was a belief prior to when the expiration date of the certificate Helme stated that the issue would be restricted to devices and gadgets purchased before the year 2017 that have a Let's Encrypt digital certificate but don't have updated their software.

But, many users had problems on Thursday, despite having the most modern tools and software.

Numerous major tech solutions and applications have also been affected by the expiration of the certificate including cloud computing services offered by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft IT and cloud security services for Cisco sellers who are unable to sign in to Shopify game on RocketLeague as well as workflows that are affected by

The issue has been largely through the eyes of a number of large tech companies and companies, including Big Tech companies such as Apple, Google, Sony, and Microsoft but none have issued any announcements to their customers regarding the issue Helme said to that the Washington Examiner on Wednesday before the certificate was due to expire.

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