Forewarned become VR's most frightening game to date.

I've certainly yelled throughout my life, but in last week's show of VR Corner, I let out the most raunchy Homer Simpson-style shriek I believe I've ever made. Twice.

Forewarned has a lot of similarities to Phasmophobia However, instead of searching for ghosts in suburban settings, In Forewarned, the player is tasked with searching the cursed Egyptian tombs to discover relics belonging to the evil spirits known as the Mejai.

As you'll see when you check out the latest episode of VR Corner, this quest isn't as straightforward as simply opening an array of sarcophagi. There are spikes as well as boulders traps fight as well as Mejai and mummies as well as some sort of terrifying smoke monster that appears to have come straight off from the scene of Lost.

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Although the risks might differ, however, the basic gameplay of Forewarned certainly draws many of its inspirations from Phasmophobia.

Similar to Kinetic Game's cooperative ghost-hunting simulation, you can take part in Forwarned in co-op play with your others, either in flat or VR mode.

Its VR controls are similar to the Phasmophobia controls including the waist belt that which you can store your tools and how your character flexes in a bizarre pose when you're playing in a sitting place.

Just like Phasmo before entering the tombs of Mejai and Phasmo, you're provided with a set of tasks to complete as well as an array of tools that you can choose from to assist you along the way.

Through this equipment, you'll be able to explore the dark insides of the crypts but also to find evidence that can help you discover the identity of the Mejai who is guarding the tomb.

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