Overview on Requirement Resident Evil 4 VR Storage During Oculus Quest 2 Revealed.


Resident Evil 4 is expected to take up about 7.8GB of space in Oculus Quest 2 once it's successfully installed However, you'll need 11.51GB of storage space in order for downloading and installing the application as per the game's description at Oculus Store.

It's a significant amount smaller that Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond it seems to be on track to become the record holder for the largest Oculus Quest2 game, with 40-45GB, according to the estimates when it is released in the coming months.

The size is so huge that it's almost impossible to fit into the basic 64GB headset that began shipping in the latter half of 2020. Its Quest 2 system software takes approximately 11.3GB which leaves 52.7GB to be used on the first headset for games as well as other media.

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We'll be curious when a player is no other content stored within their storage space of 64 GB. Quest 2 can they get both of Facebook's largest 2021 Quest 2 exclusive content releases installed simultaneously?

Facebook is now selling 128GB and the 256GB models from Oculus Quest 2, priced at $399 and $299 respectively. This month, Facebook will host its Connect event, which will lay out the next steps to its plans in VR and AR.

We're not sure what this means, but Facebook has released key information regarding its standalone VR headsets in Connect in the past.

We can expect big announcements about new games being announced for the Quest platform during Connect however, the company stated that a premium in-development Quest Pro headset was not scheduled to be launched until 2021.

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