Healthcare companies are using AI to Develop Drugs.

Life sciences firm Schrodinger has created software that could aid pharmaceutical companies to create medicines through physics and artificial intelligence and is being used by a variety of major-name pharmaceutical companies.

Their primary idea is that you could compute every molecular property relevant to your research with high accuracy, the help of computers, you can design chemicals and materials, it's that it's not just the pharmaceutical industry, but also materials too, will have higher chances of success being more efficient, and cost less.

The stock is named Schrodinger because of the Schrodinger's Cat theory of physics that took the theme to my high school days.

And yes, it's applicable to this particular stock as they're trying to observe the numerous possible outcomes nature can fall into which could lead to a positive outcome. Go on Google to find Schrodinger's cat. we're not able to do such things. This is a different rabbit hole.

It's a fascinating company. Its current priorities, although it was only an IPO in February 2020. Its current priorities are investing in its own pipeline for drug discovery by using this and physics-driven model and increasing the use of its software within other pharma companies.

I'll add that it was founded in the year 1990 and only it went public in the year 2020. As an investor in situations such as this, I'd like to study a range of aspects of qualitative and quantitative metrics within both software.

The first stage is the areas for drug development. R&D spending, cash in hand, and the quality of the pipeline the actual drugs they developing collaboration agreements annually, the value of the contract, and so on.

You've got an amazing mix of both the software problems that we're familiar with for SaaS businesses, as well as the drug pipeline and healthcare problems that I'm used to considering for biotech.

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