Now AI can tell if it will rain in 2 hours with Accuracy.


Scientists from Google's London AI Lab DeepMind as well as researchers from the University of Exeter partnered with the Met Office to build the so-called nowcasting technology.

Traditional methods employ complex equations and typically forecast for only 6 hours to 2 weeks.

The AI system is able to give more accurate forecasts for the short term, for storms that are critical, and floods.

The changing climate is making it more difficult to anticipate weather-related disasters because the frequency and the severity of heavy rain increase and researchers predict that it will cause substantial material damage as well as death.

Extreme weather is a catastrophe which includes death in addition to, the implications of climate changes suggest, these kinds of weather events are likely to become more commonplace Met Office partnerships and product innovation director Niall Robinson said.

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The system was able to detect common patterns of rainfall using UK radar maps from 2016 to 2018.

 The system, which was tested on maps from 2016 to 2018 The system was tested using a map from the year 2019 to be was found through fifty Met Office meteorologists, to be reliable with 89% accuracy.

The study, which was released in Nature The study found that Meteorologists strongly favor the AI approach over competing methods.

DeepMind Senior Scientist Shakir Mohamed said it's still in the beginning but this test proves that AI could be an effective tool that allows forecasters to save time searching through the ever-growing piles of forecast data and concentrate on understanding the consequences of their predictions.

This is essential for combating the adverse consequences of climate change in the present and assisting in adapting to changes in weather patterns and possibly saving lives.

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