Microsoft, Google and Amazon collaborate in cloud computing to share their ideas.

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft on Friday announced a new industry initiative that is designed to create basic commitments and protects companies that store and process information on the cloud.

These tech companies, as well as many other enterprises, have signed up to some principles relating to the protection of customer data as well as government regulations.

In this way, We commit to working with governments to ensure freedom of data flow, to improve public safety, and to safeguard the privacy and security of data stored in the cloud. 

Microsoft posted in a LinkedIn blog post on the new initiative, which is dubbed The Trusted Cloud Principles.

The group has outlined a number of fundamental principles, such that government should be able to engage with clients first with very limited exceptions; consumers have the right to be informed cloud service providers be able to safeguard the interests of their customer's government officials should deal with conflicts of law. Furthermore, governments should encourage the flow of data across borders.

The initiative comes as businesses and regulators from the government consider ways to deal with a myriad of cloud computing concerns that range from the location where data is stored to the time when data can be handed to police.

Microsoft Azure is the second most popular cloud computing service following Amazon Web Services and ahead of Google Cloud.

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