iPhone 13 Face ID not working due to CPAP masks that worked on older phones


Apple introduced a few changes regarding some of the iPhone 13 Face ID setup regarding software and hardware which may cause problems for some seriously sick users.

In particular specifically, specifically, Face ID registration is not working in cases where some users are wearing the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) mask, which is used by people suffering from respiratory issues. 

This is in spite of the fact that Face ID coped fine with masks that were similar on earlier iPhones, right up to back to iPhone X.

Apple is proud of accessibility features, however, a British man wearing a CPAP mask because of respiratory problems says something is wrong with the more compact TrueDepth camera system or iOS modifications that are designed to guard against the possibility of spoofing.

Colin Hughes, an Apple user suffering from severely muscular dystrophy is required to wear a mask for long periods of time. He told me it was because Face ID used to work consistently for him even sans the mask however it's not the same for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Certain, such as those who suffer from sleep apnea, just need to use a CPAP mask for a few hours - other people must wear one at all times or throughout the day.

Hughes admits that he doesn't necessarily like sharing a photo of himself wearing the mask while in bed, However, he chose to share the photo because he is strongly concerned about the issue and hopes that it will spur Apple to investigate the problem.

The issue doesn't affect all CPAP patients, but other users have reported that the process of training takes some time.

Hughes has previously discussed the ways in which Apple technology can help people who have severe disabilities, as well as the ways it doesn't. Apple has collaborated together with Hughes on a range of issues. 

Hopefully, there's an update to the software that will help restore the functionality. We've been in touch with Apple to inquire about their response.

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